Young Mister Releases Perfect Summer LP

Young Mister

Young Mister’s self-titled debut LP pieces together every part of a feel-good summer track.

Whether the songs have a Buddy Holly ‘50s-esque feel, or are a slow acoustic tune, they are undeniably polished and keep a certain fresh air around them. Young Mister has accomplished in creating a positive and catchy LP that is rare among debut albums.

Young Mister — Feel-Good from Beginning to End

Young Mister opens Young Mister with the track “The Best Part.” It starts slow and breezy but as it leads to the chorus, trumpets, layers of guitars, and upbeat drums are introduced. This slow-upbeat pattern is repeated throughout the song and lends to an optimistic and undeniably joyous sound.

The bridge only features vocals and simple guitar riffs and then builds into a smorgasbord of instrumentation. There is a subtle ‘50s vibe in the way the trumpets and simple guitars work together and create a dancey song perfect for singing along to on a long summer drive.

The track “Anybody Out There” maintains the feel-good vibe, but focuses more on vocal layering than large instrumentation. The echoing and layered vocals are vaguely reminiscent of The Killers, but Young Mister adds their own twist by keeping a simple drum beat and guitar to give the overall sound a completely different feeling. Trumpets are introduced in the bridge but remain silent in the rest of the song, with the hi-hat and snare of the drum dominating most of the tune.

Immediately following “Anybody Out There” is the slow jam “Everything Has Its Place.”

This song is significantly slower than other songs on the album but keeps an uplifting feeling about it. The acoustic guitar and piano mold around Young Misters calm and clean vocals and the harmonization during the chorus can’t help but to make me think of a summer romance.

Young Mister’s self-titled LP has excelled at subtly nodding towards its influences but adding a gifted originality to create a new sound. Young Mister blends distinct sub-genres of indie-rock and polished vocals that stitch together the instrumentation to create a cohesive and successful album.

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