Brynn Elyzabeth – How To Highlight Vocal Talent

Brynn Elyzabeth

If a song is well written both musically and lyrically it will be able to stand on its own when stripped down to its individual parts.  When everything is all put together sit can often sound like a completely different song.  When a different artist can take the song and make it their own without missing a beat, you know you have something.  Let us introduce the vocal talents of Brynn Elyzabeth.

The Seattle, Washington native has been hard at work perfecting her talents and getting the recognition she deserves.  In the past year and a half, Brynn Elyzabeth has vaulted herself from unknown local vocalist, to an award-winning singer/songwriter.  Her work on 2015’s “Tears In Your Eyes” featuring A.S.H.E.S the CHOSEN climbed to No. 23 on CMJ’s Hip Hop charts and received regular rotation on over 100 college and specialty radio stations.  She holds her music close to her heart and you can hear it in her heartfelt R&B style.

Brynn Elyzabeth’s vocals touch the heart

Currently, Brynn Elyzabeth is preparing to drop her debut studio EP I Sing, Because this coming summer.  To hold us over until then she has posted her cover of the Banks song “Alibi” on Youtube



This stripped down version featuring only Brynn Elyzabeth’s vocals and some piano accompaniment highlights the beauty of the track.  The song takes on a whole new sound with the overproduction of the Bank’s version.  This style is able to highlight the vocal talent and give us a real hunger to hear more from Brynn Elyzabeth.

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