Diana Hickman Funding Debut EP ‘South of Your Thoughts’

Diana Hickman

Diana Hickman is definitely an artist worth keeping your eyes and ear on. As an artist, she has devoted her entire life to a career in music, and she’s finally decided to take things to the next level.

The New York-based vocalist has been waiting for that perfect moment for years now. As of late, she’s spent most of her time singing professionally and providing piano lessons, but she’s finally found an opportunity to step into a professional recording studio and create the project of her dreams.

Hickman’s Pledgemusic campaign for her debut EP, South of Your Thoughts, is set to end this week and could use your help to push that funding up and over that ever-present wall that nearly all campaigns hit. She’s got drive, talent, and a great voice- and her Freshman LP is headed your way.

Diana Hickman Does It Her Way

She isn’t quite bound to any social norms or expectations.

Diana Hickman refuses to sing for the pop charts, but rather sings from her own heart and soul. She allows her voice to flow effortlessly over the jazzy instrumentation behind her and it never fails to please. You can check out the Pledgemusic previews she’s released on her Soundcloud channel to see exactly what we mean.

When you give her a listen, you’ll see that she’s really found a way to make every zone her comfort zone. She’s got the type of poise in her singing voice that can keep up with fast-paced jazz tracks meant for scat but can just as easily slow things down and take a more Amy Winehouse-like approach to the genre.

A Long Overdue Debut

While this may be Hickman’s first legitimate step into the recording studio, the expectations are still quite high. Not only has she spent years perfecting her own craft, but she’s also given the gift of music to so many others via live shows throughout the city of New York over the years.

Honestly, I’m every bit as excited for South of Your Thoughts as Diana Hickman is. We’ve gotten just a tiny taste of her talent and can’t wait to take another bite.

We can only hope it’s as delicious as the tracks she’s shown us thus far.

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