Baauer Drops Hot Single and Debut LP


By Ibn-Umar Abbasparker of Indie Band Guru

Baauer, the EDM producer who introduced the world to the “Harlem Shake,” is back.

In anticipation of the release of his upcoming debut album, he wets expectant listeners’ appetites with the song “Kung Fu.” The song displays his hybrid style of trap and drum and bass music. Featuring on the track are Southern rappers Future and Pusha T. Each rapper adds their own bit of lyrical grittiness that nicely compliments Baauer’s beats.

Baauer began his music career in 2012 with the release of his debut EP Dum Dum. However, it skyrocketed up due to the critical acclaim and mainstream success of his single “Harlem Shake.” Along with numerous viral video reactions from fans, the song also earned him two awards at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Following its success, Baauer went on tour with hip-hop producer Just Blaze in January and February 2013. In 2014, he released his second EP ß. Now, Baauer is poised and ready to get listeners amped up again with his debut LP Aa, out today.

Baauer Previews Strong LP

As for the song itself, “Kung Fu” is simply titillating. It opens with a brief, orchestral string intro before everything drops. In an instant, Baauer unleashes pulsating bass rhythms, EDM-style syncopation, and trap-style backbeats. The resulting mixture fills listeners with the overwhelming urge to get up, bounce and start dancing.

Meanwhile, throughout the song, Future and Pusha T go back and forth with their vocal deliveries. There’s a striking contrast between Future’s fast, fluid, auto-tuned rapping style and Pusha T’s austere, clear-cut, lucid style. Despite their obvious differences, the pair works effectively together in their presentations of the struggles and experiences of urban drug dealing. In doing so, they pay homage to the pure roots of trap music.

In short, Baauer, with a little assistance, combines the essence of trap music with danceable beats and hip-hop flow in “Kung Fu”. He wraps them together in a nice, little bow for people to contemplate and enjoy.

Check out more from Baauer’s first full length, or order it, here.

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