Junior Turner – Returns With Emotional Single

It has been a while since our friend Junior Turner released his full-length album Direction.  We have missed the string of singles but he was not just resting on his laurels.  It turns out he has been writing and recording under the radar and is now back with more for us.

Junior Turner

The singer/songwriter talent from the United Kingdom brings his big voice back to please his fans with an emotional song that will grab at your heart.  The new track “That Day Never Came” is scheduled for release on April 1st.  Junior Turner tells a story of finally giving up on someone you have loved that can’t seem to get their life together.  The voice of Junior will bring up some feelings in your own mind as he hits the notes that few singers can without the use of tricks in the studio.

A lyric video has already hit YouTube.  Enjoy it here:


Keep up with Junior Turner on Social Media at:





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