An artist must be willing to take in inspiration from wherever they may find it in the outside world.  Constantly searching within your own mind is a losing battle as you search for more and more song ideas.  Having the strength to open up on a personal level within your songwriting adds another level to it.  Our latest find, XT Dream, seems to have put this all together.

XT Dream

The hip hop artist and talented rapper from Las Vegas, Nevada claims music as his pathway to share his energy, wisdom, philosophy and emotion.  XT Dream is able to take his life experiences and feature them within his spiritual hip hop.  He takes his music from start to finish and seems to enjoy being behind every piece of it.

Last week XT Dream released his full length album Future’s Future.  The 16 track album takes us all on a wild ride that is deep into his psyche.  From the opening song “Light Signal” we are introduced to a unique and somewhat experimental beat and sound accompanied with a fast paced flow sharing a story.  On “Spiritual Beginnings” the atmospheric soundscape continues with background hums creating a relaxing tone to let everything sink in.  The build up to begin “Face The Future” has the taste of a rock track and XT Dream brings the lyrical energy to to party to keep it going.  The full story concludes with the closer “Can’t Quit It” and its backwards instrumentation leaving the listener with an exotic memory of what they just experienced.  Go take the dive for yourself at:


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