There are some individuals out there that are just full of music.  These people must constantly be finding outlets to release their creativity.  When music is in the head it must escape out into the world or the artist will become insane with constant thoughts.  Maybe the insanity remains slightly but that is what makes for a creative artist.  Our latest find may be on the verge.  Let us introduce you to Young Coconut.

Young Coconut

The project out of Kitchener, Ontario is the semi-solo work of one of these tortured minds.  The music has its outlets though.  Young Coconut is also part of bands such as The ‘Rents, Childbeast, and Fauxtown Records.  The sound is difficult to pin down but there are elements of alternative rock, blues, singer songwriter, and experimental music.  Imaginative and relatable.

The most recent release by Young Coconut is the 13 track collection I Got A Vibe.  The energy is apparent immediately as well as the talented songwriting.  Album opener “Pity Junction” is an interesting mash up of jazzy saxophone, deep bluesy bass, and vocals that tell a story as they drag you down into another world much darker and more interesting than your own.  The minimalistic “Bye Bye Ninja” seems like a mix of different songs all piled into one to create a diverse and imaginative soundscape.  Still can’t figure out if I like it or not, but it is fun to listen to.  Young Coconut’s foray into an alternative hip hop sound on “Give To Get” makes for another great listen.  This is a man that can go in whatever direction he wants and make it very entertaining.  There is rap, energetic rock, and spoken word all in one track.  By the time the listener get’s to album closer “Cat’s Pajamas” they are mentally exhausted.  Luckily the song is a mellow sweet rocker that has tones that will settle even the most deranged mind.

When you have the time we recommend a listen to the entire record instead of just choosing one song.  The whole is even better than the parts.  Enjoy at:

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