The internet has made the music world a much smaller place, especially in the indie community.  Let’s face it, we would have never heard of half the bands we love from Europe if it was 20 years ago.  Some of these musicians have been in the game since those early days and are still producing music that is not meant for the masses.  Perfect example is our latest discovery Yu$.


The elusive artist from Russia has been making music since 1992.  Yu$ or Yuss has been in a wide variety of musical projects over the years ranging in styles such as rock, techno, experimental, psychedelic, and even brit pop.  The music running through this man’s veins seems endless.

The latest release by Yu$ is the 5 song Death Love EP.  This record is more along the lines of straight up indie rock.  The opening track ‘’ offers driving guitars and a vocal melody that leans toward the punk scene.  The under 3 minute song grabs your attention quickly and then leaves you wanting more.  Yu$ is willing to open his heart as well with the song ‘I <3 2 <3 U’.  This catchy number brings back simple beatles-esqe songwriting with more of a punch.  He leads you to the other side with the closer ‘I Will Fight With You’.  The guitars on this one are very impressive and stand out against the depressing tale being told.

It may have taken us a while but we are happy to have discovered Yu$ now and plan on checking out some of his back catalog as well.  Go take a listen for yourself at:

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