Zane Faulhaber Shreds Our ‘Life Choices’

Zane Faulhaber

As a young aspiring musician, one of the best ways to gain experience is by joining a band. Working with a group lets you soak up some of the experiences of your bandmates. Also, getting to write songs as a team expands your influences. But on the other hand, for a songwriter, the confines within a band can sometimes stifle creativity. Our recent discovery Zane Faulhaber has taken this path and is now ready to release his solo work to the world.

Born and raised in Texas, the lifelong guitarist and songwriter has put his time into his music. Zane Faulhaber has performed with a wide variety of bands in a wide range of styles. Genres include rock, blues, jazz, punk, metal, and even noise rock. This wealth of playing time provided quite the base for the artist.

Something was lacking though in the band environment so Zane Faulhaber started experimenting by himself. This background acted as a springboard to launch a solo career in whatever direction he chose. The songwriting juices started to flow and Zane is finding real satisfaction in his new creative outlet. 

The result may be summed up best in the new Zane Faulhaber single “Life Choices”. It is clear right away that driving lead guitar is where he truly excels. The power of the track grabs you by the throat and has no plans of letting go. The vocals stay in the pocket right alongside the guitar acting as another instrument of pure energy. This is solo guitar rock like we have rarely heard before. 

Let’s all keep an eye and ear out for more by Zane Faulhaber on his social media:

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