Zuneg Welcomes Us To His Intriguing Dark World


Sometimes to make creative and influential music everything has to be stripped away. Our recent discovery Zuneg has a plan that seems to be working. The Omaha born singer-songwriter, also known as Tim Mechaley, has found a way to blend dark music and themes into beautifully simple music.


For his latest album Out Of Dust, Zuneg set out to make the album feel like the listener was listening in a cabin in the woods, with only two instruments filling the room with sound. On the opening title track “Out Of Dust” we are introduced to the soaring yet elegant vocals as they are paired with a stripped down acoustic guitar hiding deeper in the mix. It is relaxing yet thought-provoking.


Some dark themes are explored on “Little Black Suit (She Will Die).” Death, addiction, and dealing with the pain of having to bury someone because of their poor life choices. The emotions will come up in every listener as the lyrics are poured out in Zuneg’s high register. On “Ants” the pretty guitar melody sets the tone to ease the mind as the lyrics attack the commercialization of Christmas. We are open to everything that the album shares with us.


We had the opportunity to sit down with the artist and try to get into that intriguing mind of his. Enjoy the interview here:


First off, Where did the name Zuneg come from?

The founder of the church I grew up in was named Monsignor Suneg. He built the church with his bare hands and did most of the woodworking himself. It’s really a site to see in Omaha. I did not use his name though out of respect. Because of the graphic nature of my music.


How would you describe your elegant sound?

I believe melody should carry first and everything else comes last. The Beatles and Type O Negative were perfect examples of this.


Who has been your biggest musical influence?

Neurosis. I think they mix extreme music, ambiance, and melody perfectly.


You seem unafraid to ask some difficult questions in your songs. How do you free your mind for your songwriting process?

Most of my songs are when I’m not feeling the best or I’m at the height of life’s pain. Instead of excessive drug or alcohol abuse I use this as my escape. Krist was actually a less painful moment where I was reading the Rolling Stone interviewing the members of Nirvana while they (the reporter) forgot they lost a good friend of theirs. It’s more about the insensitivity of the media to their subject of interest. Little Black Suit (She Will Die) was actually sent to my son’s mother in the midst of her alcoholism. In a drunken stupor she said she couldn’t stop crying for over an hour as she listened.



What emotions do you hope to convey to listeners with a Zuneg song?

Pain, suffering, and joy.


What advice do you have for other artists creating music on their own terms?

Practice your instrument every day and train your voice if you sing. Admit you know nothing.


What is next for Zuneg?

With this album I had a goal: create an album in the cabin in the woods where it’s just one instrument and one voice. I will be focusing on more music in the vain of Godflesh/Lorn/RY X/Zeal and Ardor. Basically more electronic, less acoustic.


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