Being involved in music blogging for the past 10 years has been a great experience for me.  Not only for the great times at random concerts and the great undiscovered music I have found but for the amazing contacts I have made that share this passion for music that is below the radar of the phony mass produced radio mainstream.  Unfortunately each of us only have two ears (some of them ridden with tinnitus) to listen to music with.  This is why it comes in handy to have these music loving friends to share the sounds they have discovered that they believe need to be heard by like minds.  Indie Band Guru is lucky to have J. Simpson of BitStar Productions in his network.  The man has ears to die for and he just sent us another band to add to our playlist.  All of our ears should hear 2Rabbit.


The lo-fi classic psychedelic sound of 2Rabbit is something very fresh and original in this time of overproduced pop music by pretty faced ‘stars’.  This is a band of real musicians locked in a dingy studio somewhere feeding of of each other without the need to please the corporate label heads.  The band recently released their debut EP Splittin’ Hares.  The 15 track album is a raw attack on the mediocrity of the mainstream today.  The classic blues rock sound is felt on “Autumn Leaves” but with a touch of funk energy.  The mix of crunchy guitars and groovin’ bass lets you know right away these guys can go in any direction they want.  2Rabbit is not afraid to touch on seemingly personal stories such as “Second Chance” about a disastrous relationship or “Gay Neighbor” about a loveless marriage. Lead single “Home Is Wherever” is a deep listen with a fantastic guitar solo that I think is missing too much in modern music.  The band shows off another level on “Clever Hans”.  It is a gypsy sounding carnival ride of sound that draws the listener in and smacks him in the face.  By the time you get to mellow closer “Asta Sollija” you need the rest.  This is an album that should be listened to all the way through to hear all the aspects and directions of the 2Rabbit sound.

Go get the experience for yourself at:

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  1. Melissa Rutty

    So proud of my nephew and his band!

    • You should be! They’re great musicians and excellent people! Marc P. tells me they’re making some good headway in upstate NY!