When a band decides to truly go for it they must also realize that they must work harder than any business owner out there. All members must work together to gain as much knowledge about the music business and to understand this crazy industry as a whole. One group that seems to know that they need this dedication is The Hiding.

The 4-piece from Melbourne, Australia formed back in 2010 and has been hard at work to advance their career ever since. The Hiding’s sound is pop/rock with an electro twist to set them apart from the rest of the crowd. Members of the band are always looking to expand their knowledge and connections. They have attended the CMJ festival in NYC and the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas to learn as much as possible about the international music market.

In April of 2012 The Hiding released their self-titled EP and worked the songs into rotation on over 140 college radio stations throughout the US and Canada. Never resting of their achievements the band has put out their latest track “Run City Run” along with a very professional video to get the song out in front of their new fans. The track is a large sounding anthem with a melody that is mellow as it is memorable. The vocals seem sweet and powerful to reach every pop music demographic. Enjoy the video for yourself below:

Keep up with the latest happenings of The Hiding at: http://www.thehidingmusic.com/

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