When choosing a name for you band or your brand it is always a good idea to pick something that relates to what makes you stand out from the crowd.  Creating that name recognition to your fans right from the start can put you ahead of all the other artists vying for those fans attention.  When this comes to mind, one artist that pops into my head is 2Tallin’.


Travis Huff is 2Tallin’.  He just happens to be 6’8”!  That is what you call capturing your most recognizable asset and turning it into a calling card that new fans will not be able to forget.  2Tallin’s style is a mix of old school clean hip hop and the futuristic party rock of today.  His aim to make something different but still appealable to the masses has been achieved with every track I have heard so far.   It is easy to see that Travis has a true passion for what he does both in front of the mic performing and behind the scenes producing.  His goals are more than just fame and fortune; he also gives back to the community hoping to empower future generations of musicians by providing them with instruments, recording time, songwriting skills, and helping promote their music.

Last year 2Tallin’ released the impressive Future Vs. Retro mixtape which really started to make a name for the rising star.  Tracks off that record such as the sweet ‘All I Ask’ (featuring Danielle Rondero) and the futuristic EDM party rock of ‘California Girls’ show that 2Tallin’ can reach out into the different genres of music and create hits on both sides of the spectrum.  My favorite off that album has to be ‘Rockstar’.  I must admit when I first hit play I was expecting another version of the same old “look at me” song with that title but 2Tallin’ truly brought it with a hypnotizing slowed down back beat behind an impressively strong rap without the attack.  We were able to get a sneak peek of his latest hot track ‘Loco Boy’ featuring two more of his talented friends 2Kan and Reapa.  The grinding beat will work its way into your head like a buzz saw and just won’t leave.  Enjoy the video here:


If you are ready for the next thing in California futuristic party hip hop go enter 2Tallin’s world at: http://www.2TALLIN.com/

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