They say lucky breaks are not by chance but are made by hard work.  Sometimes a band appears on the scene seemingly out of nowhere and everything starts to happen for them.  Truth is that this band has probably been working there ass off for years and is finally getting what they deserve.  One band that has started to get the exposure that they deserve is NO.

NO the Band

The Los Angeles based NO has made all the right connections and now seems to be everywhere.  The band includes the three Jarzabek brothers; Tim, Mike, and Nick and bass player Justin Corman.  You may even know NO from their episode of the Howie Mandel primetime Fox show “Mobbed”.  NO’s episode was called ‘Brawling Brothers’ and also featured Art Alexakis lead singer of Everclear.  The band even got to perform their single ‘Meet Me After Dark’ on the show to a national audience.  Now that is great exposure.  More impressive is that NO has done everything on their own without any help from a record label or management team. The band sold 10,000 iTunes downloads of MEET ME AFTER DARK all on their own.  NO came to Los Angeles 6 years ago from a small logging town in North Idaho with no money but a strong desire to succeed.  Hard work pays off.

Last year the band released their 2nd album Roll to a waiting audience.  The fun and mesmerizing pop rock record has gained the band even more followers.  The title track ‘Roll’ is a rolling song comparable to bands like Arctic Monkeys and maybe The Killers.  They show they can slow it down too with the song ‘I’m There’.  The vocals are sweet and melt the listeners ears with sugary heat.  Now NO is set to release a new album called Lifeline and new music video coming out on April 18, 2013.  Things are really about to blow up for this band.  Go jump on the bandwagon while there is still room at:

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