When a musician has been in the music scene for a long while, burnout is almost inevitable.  When one musical journey has run its course it can mean the end of a talented artist’s career.  Sometimes a twist of fate creates a spark that opens up a new door and the passion to create new music returns.  This seems to be the case with Pierre Laplace and his new band The Sandman’s Orchestra.

The Sandman's Orchestra

Former singer for the French cult band Vera Clouzot, Pierre had not released new music since the band’s last album in 2004.  He had the taste of success but found the inspiration had dried up some as he moved to the singer/songwriter genre.  Then in a chance family luncheon in May of 2010 he discovered that his then 15 year old niece, Leonie Gabriel had a voice whose beauty needed to be shared with the world.  They started working together almost immediately in the home studio Pierre had been setting up and he was able to introduce his new-found skills on numerous new instruments.  The timing was perfect.  The duo released their 1st album Silver Linings in June 2011 and is getting ready for their next release.

Tomorrow The Sandman’s Orchestra is set for the issue of their second full length album Nocturne.  The 10 track slow balled filled LP is true to its name by being somewhat dark and contemplative but with hope so as to not enter the “goth” realm.  The combination of male and female vocals and the blend of acoustic instruments (guitar, banjo, Wurlitzer, piano, and drums) define the duo’s sound.   Opening track ‘Razor Eyes’ introduces Leonie’s beautiful vocals over a deliberate, and just as beautiful acoustic guitar line.  The simple yet ethereal song sets the stage for an album full of relaxation for your body but a workout for your mind as the listener follows the pensive lyrics.  The piano ballad ‘To Haunt You’ does get a little spooky at times but again dives deep into the listeners psyche.  Here could be comparisons here to a dark Kate Nash.  ‘On A Cloud’ welcomes more of an electronic feel with a brooding sonic palette sull of interesting sound while Leonie’s vocals sound a little more upbeat.  The title track ‘Nocturne’ closes out the record with a deep wraithlike sound and Pierre’s mysterious vocal tone.

Bottom Line:  Nocturne by The Sandman’s Orchestra is a beautiful record from start to end.  This is a great album for a lazy Sunday evening when you have the time to relax and enjoy a full 47 minute album in its entirety.  Go take a listen and order the LP at: http://thesandmansorchestra.bandcamp.com/

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