One of my favorite things in music is when a band mixes a bunch of different genres and influences together to create their own personal style.  There is nothing groundbreaking but when a group has the balls to be original and not just become part of the overcrowded popular mold that is too common in today’s music scene, it sets them apart.  We have found a group of guys that are innovative enough to take these risks in FreePeople.


The group based in Dana Point, California is heavily influenced by different areas of popular music, taking the best parts of hip hop and pop-rock and sprinkling in a heavy dose of R&B to create something that is original but could still feel welcome on mainstream radio.  This is not just a bunch of guys with no musical talent using a bunch of samples and studio tricks to produce music, these guys play their own instruments.  Jeremy Nelson plays drums as well as providing vocals, Nhoj Solares plays keys as well as writing lyrics and Tim Fiddes holds down the guitars.  FreePeople state that music is their way of life. They are open enough to share their expressions, feelings, emotions, happiness, success, failures, passion, energy, strengths, weaknesses, devotion, and love on every song.

In the last month FreePeople has released a bunch of music to the word in single form that is starting to gain them some attention.  The song ‘Never Meant To Be’ begins as a love song ballad before blasting into a dance track with a super catchy background of sound.  Halfway through there is even an impressive rap flow to showcase how this group can touch any genre of music within the same song while still keeping the song cohesive.  FreePeople move more toward hip hop on the track ‘HustleHard’.  The walking keyboard line drives the listener to remain engaged while the lyrics take you into the mindset of a talented lyricist.  My personal favorite has to be the party track ‘Rock Your Body’.  I found my head bobbing to the beat within the first ten seconds of the song.  This is a song full of energy that could be reminiscent of a Black Eyed Peas or LMFAO song but still with meaningful love song lyrics.  hear it here:

I really think FreePeople is on to something here with this mixture of noise.  Go get a listen for yourself at:  or

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