Many bands form one week and think they are ready for the main stage a week later.  Even with great musicians, it is just not that easy to get a full band in sync without a lot of practice.  When a band is willing to put in the work before they introduce themselves to the world, it can really pay off.  A good example of this is our latest find Urban Spirit.

Urban Spirit

The Coventry, UK based indie rock band formed back in the Spring of 2010.  Their goal was to develop a professional set of original songs before they ever hit a stage.  Finally in early 2011 Urban Spirit brought their show to the people with gigs around Coventry and Birmingham.  They have been getting positive reviews since and seem to be on the road to success.  These guys know how to get attention and are now going full steam ahead.

So far Urban Spirit has only recorded a few songs but we were able to get an early listen.  ‘The Times’ is a straight ahead rock song with a wall of sound provided by a tight band of quality musicians.  There is a lot going on here as lead singer Adam Collins belts out an inspired performance.   Jack Brady also shares an impressive guitar solo on this one.  The song ‘One Step Closer’ is another powerful rock performance that will get inside the listeners head before he knows what hit him.  The standout track so far has to be ‘Rock N Roller’.  This is so much sound coming from just four guys it seems unnatural.  Every piece of the sonic spectrum is explored as your body is sucked in to the groove.

This is a great start for the boys from Coventry and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Urban Spirit.  Go get a listen for yourself at:

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