It is a common story for one member of a group to breakaway for a little while to do a solo project.  This does not mean the demise of the group but instead creates an outlet for an idea that one musician had that just does not fit well within the group dynamic.  Instead of trying to force one’s new approach down the throats of the other group members creating a rift it is better to do it on your own sometimes.  We have a great example of this with hip hop odd woman out Stori Brooks.

Stori Brooks

Also a prime member of North Star Music Group, whom we have written about before, the South Carolina native Stori Brooks has broken out on her own to show a different side of her sound.  She has been involved in music since childhood due to her classically trained pianist mother sharing her talents from the beginning.  Stori has always had a lot to say and obtained an English degree to help her express her thoughts in words.  This is no street corner rapper.  She has garnered much attention in her current hometown of Atlanta and has been exposing her sound far and wide.  She has even caught the attention of hip-hop legend Big Daddy Kane who describes Stori as, “Having the package… the voice is crazy and her style is refreshing.”

Indie Band Guru was able to get an advance listen to Stori Brooks’ latest solo track ‘An Aside’.  It is an amazingly spooky journey through sound.  This is not your run of the mill hip hop.  There is a minimalist instrumental feel with short  bursts of sound to keep the listener mesmerized to Stori’s lyrics.  It seems that she was inspired by watching someone hard at work and the thoughts that could be going through their head.  This insight into Stori’s process is welcome and warm even though the track has a cold harsh feel to it.  Her vivid wordplay will have you hitting repeat on the song just to make sure you didn’t miss anything the first time.

We were able to convince Stori Brooks to let our readers get an exclusive premiere of ‘An Aside’.  Enjoy it here:


Feel free to go download the track now at:

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