4 Quick Tips to Take Your Band’s Website to the Next Level


The internet is an asset to new and rising musicians because it is a level playing field. It allows artists to promote music for free through distribution channels like YouTube, Reddit Music, or Spotify. A website is an essential platform for your band, which can be a central point for your online activity.


Here are a few ways that you can take your band’s website to the next level. 


Professional Quality Images

Make sure that the images that you feature on your website are of good quality. If you don’t have the money to hire a professional photographer, that is okay. Look at professionally sourced photographs of musicians that you admire. What do you like about the shot? Is it the composition, lighting, mood, or style of the picture? Try to recreate this yourself with a quality camera.


The images on your site will be the first thing that your potential fan notices. Statistics show that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster that text. You want your viewer’s first impression to highlight your talent as an artist — not make you look like an amateur.


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Fast Loading Speed

Attention is scarce on the internet, and it also applies when a visitor is trying to load your website. According to data from digital marketing expert Neil Patel, 40% of visitors will abandon your site if it doesn’t completely load within 3 seconds. Apart from optimizing your band site for speed and using things like caching to speed up page load times, you can also consider using a reputable web host that doesn’t oversell their servers and values performance. If you’re not sure who to go with, SiteGround offers great performance on a budget, and is recommended by numerous web hosting blogs like TechTage and others.


Targeted Content

The content on your music blog or site is vital for two reasons. Your site is either a way for new fans to learn about you for the first time, and a way for existing fnds to find out more about you once they are curious.


For those who are new to you, provide background information and a sample of your sound. For your fans wanting to know more, give a calendar of events, personal thoughts and anecdotes, and news-worthy updates. Online background check for free is just as important when you start to communicate with a large number of strangers and at the same time feel safe.


Streaming Music

It is very easy now to have your music streaming directly on your band website. With the use of Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc., you can quickly grab code to embed streaming music that is playable directly on your website. Nobody wants to download MP3s to hear your music anymore. A chance to click play and listen to it instantly is expected.



Your website can become the central point for all of your online activity. When you post a new song on your favorite distribution channel, like iTunes or SoundCloud, you need to provide a link to your website. Once a person checks out your site, you ideally want to give them a reason to come back again and again. You can do this by publishing content consistently.

One of the best ways to be consistent is to create a music blog with a publishing calendar. Decide if you want to add new content once or twice a week, and then figure out who is responsible for uploading it. If you are a solo artist and don’t enjoy writing, you can collaborate with other artists who want some exposure and ask them if they would do a guest post. 

Do some brainstorming and the possibilities for content are endless.


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The internet has opened up many venues of free music sharing, which is great for new and emerging artists. Always link your songs back to a centralized website. Use professional images to give viewers a great impression of you. Draw fans back again and again by consistently publishing engaging, interesting content.


By Sally Writes

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