Mia LJ’s Impactful Step into Soulful Pop

mia lj

Mia LJ is a hidden gem of the indie R&B scene — one listen to her first three singles and you’ll be hooked, starting with glorious “Polaroid.”

How Mia LJ is changing the game, starting with “Polaroid”

Seductive first single “Polaroid” establishes Mia LJ as having the kind of soul that’s so hot in the game right now. Fearlessly lyrical like Dua Lipa and vocally intensive like Kehlani, a hybrid of the two proves indie magic. “Polaroid” could easily find itself on a fresh finds playlist for music makers that could stand with R&B’s finest. LJ is inviting, playful, and courageous in this single, but never overbearing.

Another sultry single, adventurous “Ambiguous” is a coast through feelings of attraction. The chill vibes carry themselves throughout, adding an instant calm affect. A simple progression of sounds show off Mia LJ’s mastery of multiple instruments. Bright flashes of bells and the rhythm of the downbeats are seamless and inspiring.

The wonder of R&B

This Livin” hazes itself into clarity at its start. A dreamy tune that instantly establishes itself from the enchanting drawl of Mia’s vocalization, this song is the most imaginative. It pulses with promise and rebellion, which makes it my favorite. The way “This Livin” builds upon its synth is an incredible pop attitude that works insanely well. Though Mia is praised for maturity, this song shows a side of slight innocence; a fear of growing old. A small clearing of weakness goes a long way to make this wonderland anthem relatable.


Earmilk explains, “Though Mia LJ is merely 19 years of age, she has lived a full life, and it is clear she is wise beyond her years. Two things are for sure, she is just getting started on her journey, and she will not cease until she gets what she wants.”


For being 19, the artist has a long career ahead of her, and she’s already proven her ability in just three incredible releases.

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