New Day Revolution – Intense Energy From Detroit

Sometimes music can grab you right away with just raw energy.  When a band pours their emotion and excitement into performing and making music a kind of magic happens.  Our recent discovery of New Day Revolution reminds us that this raw energy is still out there.

New Day Revolution

The band hails from the rock city of Detroit, Michigan.  New Day Revolution consist of Dakota Starr on vocals, Andrew Rodger on guitar, Marc Rance on bass, and Anthony Wendler on drums.  Their music is powerful and intense as is their live show which has vaulted them to the top of the local scene.  Their goal is to tell real stories that their fans can relate with and be aggressive enough so they can let off the steam through the music instead of anywhere else.  

The band recently released the EP The American Dream Is A Lie.  The 4 track record is an intense, but honest, look at the struggling rock culture of today.  The opener “Bury It Down” sets the tone right away with a powerful drum beat and raucous guitar.  “Demon In You” starts off a little slower but the energy kicks in quick with a smooth melody accompanied by some in your face vocals that lay it all on the table.  New Day Revolution shows off some real songwriting skills show off on “Judas” as the back and forth between aggressive instrumentals and turned up vocals meld to fill the speakers with a complete sound.  The closer “Rattlesnake” lets the guitar of Andrew Rodger take you on a strange journey that is a little more psychedelic as the band fills out the empty space with their own take.  

When you are ready for a wake-up head over to for a listen.

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