Kylie Odetta’s “High Dreamer” EP Hits Movie Soundtrack Moments

Kylie Odetta

By Nicole Garman of Indie Band Guru

Unless you’ve been living under a radio rock, you’re familiar with Queen Adele and the world’s love affair with… well, her love affairs. And sure, her big soulful voice and all that jazz, too.

Take that Adele presence, add a dash of Ingrid Michaelson softness and a touch of A Fine Frenzy’s quirk, shake it all up with some magic and fog and Southern softness, and Kylie Odetta will tumble out. With a little heartbreak, glitter, and red lipstick on the side.

Kylie Odetta Proves Versatility

With the title track of her newest EP, High Dreamer, Odetta tiptoes over delicate piano with a warm, rich voice that I want to wrap around my shoulders in a coffee shop on a gray day. It has everything you might want in an indie pop tune — it’s lyrically careful without being overly fussy, and a gentle, driving beat grounds its brighter pop elements.

But Odetta’s nothing if not versatile — every track showcases a new best girlfriend who just gets what you’re feeling. The comfortable chamomile tones of “High Dreamer” go straight jazz and bourbon on “Can’t Erase It,” and return for a fluttering pop butterfly finale over the acoustic closing track, “Let Me Love You.”

Oh, and by the way — Zach Braff? Shonda Rimes? I’ll just leave “Let Me Love You” here for you, for your next TV/movie soundtrack moment. Where’s Scrubs when we need it?

Speaking of soundtrack moments, “When It Rains” is haunting from its opening lyric — “I only feel something for you / When it’s raining.” Odetta spins her twinkling magic the way of foggy days and lost loves, abandoning the sparkle of the EP’s other tracks for a ghostly, empty chill.

Odetta cites everyday life’s emotions as her true inspiration, and that spirit shines with bright indie style on every track.

Find the full High Dreamer EP, as well as Odetta’s previous work, on Soundcloud for full listening.

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