7 Ways a Watch Beats a Mobile Phone

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With the advent of the mobile phone, there came a substantial drop in the use of wristwatches. After all, why lug around two devices that can tell you what time it is? The watch has been making a comeback, however, and there are many reasons for it. Here’s a look at why you might want to consider strapping on a timepiece to keep track of the hours instead of digging for your mobile phone every time.

1. Keeps You Focused

How could a piece of jewelry on your wrist possibly keep you focused? Think about that other thing you have in your pocket that tells time. It is a huge distracting force in most people’s lives. You take your mobile phone out of your pocket to check the time, and oh, look, you got a text; someone commented on your tweet; a news story popped up that you just have to read right now; so on, and so on. Leave that phone in your pocket and just take a quick peek at your wrist. What do you know? You’re still on schedule.

2. Looks Classy

You may think that your new iPhone is the height of sophistication—after all, it cost you an arm and a leg—but, sorry to break it to you, it’s not. Your phone is a highly functional tool, but a quality timepiece can genuinely convey a sense of class. A store like My Gift Stop is a great place to find the perfect watch to match your style.

3. Convenient and Quick

A watch is far simpler and more convenient than a cellphone. In addition to the split second it takes to know the time, you don’t have to dig it out of your pocket or your purse. If you’re late for your appointment while driving freeway speeds, it’s not the time to search for your phone. In addition, if you’re going out for a quick jog, who wants a giant phone bouncing around in their sweat pants pocket? Even those armband holders aren’t nearly as convenient as a simple dial on your wrist.

4. Adds Some Flair

You may have a flashy phone case, a clever sticker on it, or a PopSocket with a photo of your favorite K-drama star, but it will never give that stylish touch that a watch can. For you that may be a classic Bulova with a gold tone dial, a durable Victorinox Swiss Army watch or a low-price Casio digital with a resin strap. Another great thing about watches is that you can have more than one to mix and match with your outfit. It would be pretty impractical to carry around a different phone with each change of clothes.

5. Simple and Reliable

Although some may have extra functionality, a watch essentially does one thing. It is designed very well to tell you what time it is, as opposed to a mobile phone that seems to do more things than you can even imagine, sometimes leading to poor performance. Also, a watch doesn’t need to be charged every day. Some of them, called automatic watches, are even designed to self-charge as you wear them.

6. Withstands the Elements

Some watches, like the rugged Luminox Navy Seal watches, are designed to take a beating from the elements and can even withstand waters up to 200 meters deep. Your phone might not survive being dropped in a puddle. Luminox watches will also glow in any light condition for up to 25 years. That’s a lot more appealing than having to light up your face with a harsh phone light every time you want to check the time in the dark. Not to mention how annoying that could be to those around you; if you’re in a dark theater, for example.

7. Built to Last

Finally, a watch is a quality piece of machinery that is made for longevity. A high-quality timepiece could even be passed down from generation to generation. You’ll be lucky if your phone lasts a few years before it’s outdated and won’t load the most recent operating system.

You’re not going to get rid of your phone, and really, you probably shouldn’t. We have become a society completely reliant on them, and they are incredibly useful. However, with a watch on your wrist, you can ignore that clunky mobile distraction just a bit more often.

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