Andrew Gerard – Multi Talented Folk Pop Star Rising

Andrew Gerard

Many musicians out there have many other talents in the arts that come together to build a complete artist.  This creates more opportunities for connections to be made and your art to get discovered.  Our recent find Andrew Gerard is a good example of this paying off.

The singer songwriter was born in Ottawa, raised in Victoria, but is now based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Andrew Gerard has his feet in many other parts of the entertainment world such as working as a magician, photographer, TV producer, and writer.  He pours all these life experiences into his music which is a pop friendly well produced mix.  From being out there in the arts,  Andrew Gerard caught the attention of LA Records Producer Ran Pink who got involved to support his music.



The result is the new 6 song EP by Andrew Gerard called Two Birds.  The 6 song record blends elements of folk and epic pop with strong production to create a complete listen.  On the lead single “One Night” Andrew shows off his true vocal skills with both soft verses and emotional choruses that draw the listener into the song.  The beat fills the speakers with a warm feel that washes over the speakers.  This is pop music with feeling that appeals to all music lovers.  

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