A Certain Energy Welcomes Us To “Glenwood Ave”

Shain Romanowski who displays himself as ‘A Certain Energy‘ is manifesting in himself a trend that has been on the uprise in the past decade. The cornucopia of internet sensations, entrepreneurs, minimalists, and musicians are showcasing a stream of jovial energy among their viewers. Romanowski’s branded image revolves around this stream of empowerment in an age of rising mental illness, hedonism, and self-laceration.

Glenwood Ave is his recent effort to continue his shamanic motive. The EP contains seven tracks of differently hued production styles with booming basslines and reiterations of his moxie. Romanowski features in his first two tracks, “Nonstop” and “Flatline,” rappers who seem to be more talented at their craft. Although, an aspect of growth that positivists always advise is to surround yourself with people who are more experienced than you.

Although the instrumentation isn’t a unique form of production compared to the vast sea of styles today, the more impressive aspect of the album is Romanowski’s breathless flow. He takes on a bar in a similar fashion as Lord Infamous or J Cole does, where he spews a phrase or message in one breath, exhaling the thoughts and messages in a matter of seconds. This is best demonstrated in the song “Dark Knight,” where Romanowski continuously spews his bars, especially forty seconds in the track.

With an impressive track like Dark Knight, tracks like “Closed Doors” doesn’t expose his proven potential. With booming basslines matched with R&B-influenced vibrations, although not a bad track, sounds very similar to Drake’s newer music. Both in terms of instrumentation, lyrics, and intonation, the similarity is uncanny.

Romanowski then showcases his own potential again with the track “Control.” He admits to his isolated fervor, being desperate with success whilst sacrificing his own mental health and former identity. His transparency rides well with the chiming basslines, adding a nice texture to the whole album.

Glenwood Ave is a nice album about Romanwoski’s positive mindset and the value of dedication and discipline. At this current rate, his pursuit will pay off in the end.

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