Aaron Taos’ ‘Higher’ is definitely an adrenaline rush

Aaron Taos

Singer-songwriter Aaron Taos is known for his cool laid-back singer-songwriter vibe. Taos emerged in the 2010s balancing his penchant for guitar-based indie rock grooves with a romantic electronic-tinged sound. A former Vassar soccer player, Taos got his start releasing his songs online around 2015. He gained a following with lo-fi jams like “Ill” and “Simple and Sober.” He continued to evolve his sound while in Brooklyn, where he was based, weaving in EDM into his hooky pop anthems.

His latest single, “Higher,” starts off in a similar vein. With rhythmic keys thumping to the beat of groovy guitars, the track contains a great electronic appeal. The vocals are loud and bombastic filled with a highly fervored energy. The tunes are equally contagious. Listeners will get an adrenaline rush listening to this infectious single. With a happening pop feel, energetic bouncy beats buoy this song. Filled with an invigorating, vibrant and amped vibe, the sizzling synths seethe on this rocking and electric track. Definitely attention-grabbing.

“Higher” has some real feel good vibes. Taos produces some rocking material on this latest release. Enthused and vibrant, the layered electronic cadence sound off with vintage vibes on the guitars. A highly addicting pop sound pervades. Be sure you have a listen today!

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