I always like a good story, especially when it is accompanied by interesting music.  Struggles are a common theme in the music business but when someone pushes through to stay on track for their musical goals it is a true triumph.  This is the story of Abe Vandenberg, better known by his solo project name, Abe’s Logic.

The story begins back in 1997 when Abe dropped out of college to join a band and tour the Rockies in a 13 passenger van with sketchy brakes.  Playing a sort of rock-jam-jazz-funk fusion at venues ranging from underground bars to ski slope parking lots was fun but grueling.  He realized this living on the edge literally and financially was just not what he wanted at that point in his life and returned to college.  He went on to graduate with an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from West Virginia University.  Then came another big change when Abe uprooted himself and moved to Hawaii for a job in Environmental Conservation, and to change in his musical journey.  This led to him teaming up with Christopher Candito to produce the original score for the BBC documentary “Message in the Waves” bringing the globally interconnected plastic debris epidemic plaguing Earth’s ocean to a world-wide audience in a creative and inspiring film that has inspired action for change.  Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, and The Beautiful Girls were also featured on the soundtrack.

Now Abe’s Logic has released Before The Party’s Over, a collection of various influences to create something very exotic.  Abe coined the term Surfer Grunge for his sound which combines everything from alternative rock and Ska to Jazz.  It is quite an interesting listen beginning with a couple songs (‘Big Wave Surfing & Haleakala’ and ‘It’s A Start’) which showcase his saxophone skills and jazz groove.  Abe then dives into some grunge-rockers such as ‘Different Kind Of Drug’ and ‘We’re Even Now’ which sound like they would have fit well among the mid 90’s alt music scene.  My personal favorite track is ‘Always Wait’, a sweet song with a punk guitar opening that gets the listener pumped up for quality mellow verses with lyrics with meaning.

Bottom Line: Abe’s Logic’s Before The Party’s Over’ is a good album for those that liked the mid 90’s grunge sound and are musically open enough to hear other influences that make this album very original.  Give it a listen for yourself at:


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