When it comes to movies and music, I’ll admit I’m a bit of a sucker for the “circus” theme. I guess it’s because like side shows (and freak shows) they sort of pre-date me. For me, there’s a nostalgic lost-ness about them. Thus, it only makes sense I’d be an easy target for a band called Fleeting Circus.

Fittingly, their new six song EP entitled Dream World of Magic opens with the song “Life Between Two Paper Sheets” which is erected with a bizarre combination of flanged guitar and retro, almost “Twilight Zone”-like sound effects. The track poignantly reflects that mysterious, circus “lost-ness.” Stemming from this jump into the ring, the rest of the album walks a tightrope of complex, guitar driven rock – while still containing more pop-sensitive tracks (primarily  “Underground” – which could almost be played right alongside the likes of “The Fray”).  Fleeting Circus admits to being influenced by both classic and modern bands, and this interesting blend is quickly evident for the listener – who might get a certain 90’s feel from some songs (thinking maybe of Collective Soul) but then will experience hints of 70’s grooves from others (sometimes sounding a smidge like a more rhythmically mature Aerosmith).

If you like albums that… rock this one will definitely make your spin-list. If I had to spotlight one band they sound like the most, it’d be Northern Cal’s Deftones – but still, Circus’ approach evolves and blends enough into being a “show” uniquely their own.  My personal favorite track on “Dream World…” is the last number (“Hurricane”) with its initial, punchy, staccato, guitar – which then builds via the addition of a funky, synth-string accompaniment – then grows even more with some interesting falsetto voice-overs – until ultimately shaping into a solid, ethereal rock song.

The circus is in town and it’s all the way from Brazil. Now’s your chance to get a ringside seat.

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-review by Francis Itch of Indie Band Guru

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