Achilles Tenderloin Shows Us ‘Tincture for Trouble’

Joe Augustin is Achilles Tenderloin, an indie-folk and blues singer-songwriter from Richmond Indiana. He stands on the shoulders of great artists like Skip James to deliver grand guitar arrangements and picturesque lyrics, likened to pre-war blues. His newest album, Tincture for Trouble, comes together with the help of producer Patrick Himes and features a whole cast of other artists along the way.

The album starts off with “Torch Song,” immediately pairing his guitar with some jazzy elements. The old-timey horn sound and the slow-swung drum beat complement Augustin’s sleek and cool guitar playing and vocals. The anachronistic blend of elements makes this track stand out as both a homage to the past and something new and unique on its own.

On the song “Kiss The Ground,” Joe Augustin comes in with vocals of pure gravel. His lyrics give a visceral picture of a haggard and beaten-down man. The composition on this track is impressive, with elements coming together to give this blues track an industrial-sounding rhythm, all as Joe’s slide guitar wanders through his lyrical landscape.

“Never Trust A Barber” is another standout track, with a dark and haunting tone that leaves a lasting impression. This song really leans into Joe Agustin’s captivating storytelling, blurring the lines between folk tales and campfire scary stories.

The title track “Tincture for Trouble” is some of the best that Joe Agustin has to offer. In a slower-paced folk-rock track, he shows off so much restrained emotion in his vocals. Backup vocals and an ensemble of instrumentation fill out the track without going over the top with excess, the track remains deliberate with its somber and weighty tone.

Achilles Tenderloin’s latest album Tincture for Trouble is his best yet. If you enjoyed Tincture for Trouble check out some of Joe Augustin’s other work, and keep up with him to see what he has in store for the future.

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