Æves Shines Bright In ‘Loaded Love’


When friends come together to create music, it always results in something special. This is true for Matthew Adam and Molly O’Malley when they formed Æves in early 2015. The dream and drive was to combine sounds coming out of their local scene in Louisville, KY; they found the solution in collaborating with each other.

Æves Shine in Their Track ‘Loaded Love,’ Making it Feel like Summer

In their single “Loaded Love,” Æves combines together the best of electro pop sounds and punk rock rhetoric creating a bright, invigorating, and luminescent sound. The duo of Adam and O’Malley find a light in the darkness in music and the world while paving a future that is colorful and bright for Æves.

Stright away on the track you’re introduced to the Æves sound. Quick muted chords mixed with O’Malley’s vocals soaring overhead define the entire track. The bright and cheery sound echoes throughout, defining the Æves sounds that you’re sure to love. It makes you feel like it should be summer outside though there’s a layer of snow covering every inch of ground.

O’Malley’s vocals truly bring the shimmer to the track. Her bright yet raspy vocals bring character to the duo’s sound in the way that a young Hayley Williams defined Paramore’s sound from a young age. In the same way, O’Malley is showing emotion in ways that you connect with but still want to sing along with at the top of your lungs.

Working wither mentor, friend, and local hero Bryan Puckett, Adam and O’Malley released their EP Ignite in June 2016. After stepping back and focusing on evolving and finding their sound, the duo flew to Los Angles to work with Marc Walloch, who’s worked with Company of Thieves and AWOLNATION, finishing several songs and a finding a sense of ambition in the process.

Watch Æves’ Twitter and Website for new music.

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