Aidan Funston Dazzles With “Soapbox Bards”

Canada has been a bustling metropolis of amazing, budding musicians as of late. Aidan Funston, an independent musician from Montreal is among their mix of stars on the rise. Experimenting with jazz, electronic, and acoustic elements and working them into music that made sense for him, Aidan has created a unique space for himself. “Soapbox Bards” is Aidan’s latest single, showcasing him in a new and refreshing light.

“Soapbox Bards” is a beautiful and entrancing folk piece that shines upon Aidan’s impeccable musicianship. Delicate and intricate guitar work captivates you upon the song’s opening. Aidan’s vocals match the tone set with the guitar, drifting along softly and sweetly. Showing off his vocal range, Aidan reaches the depth and height of his voice numerous times throughout the track, creating these great, dynamic moments.

But what really makes this track stand out above the rest is the way in which it put together. Each instrumentation used is allowed to shine in it’s own right, despite them often being layered together. Nothing overpowers the other elements, they all just work in harmony to create this really dreamy world.

“Soapbox Bards” follows up Aidan Funston’s debut album, The Modes Of Connection which released in September of this year. This single speaks to a performer far more seasoned than Aidan, but his talents and passions elevate him to the next level. Rumor has it Aidan is planning to record an album similar in style to “Soapbox Bards” and I for one am eagerly awaiting that release.

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