Aiden Hatfield

Since the age of 13, music has become an integral part of Aiden Hatfield’s life. This passion for the craft has seen him develop into a multi-instrumentalist. He has also performed in various bands, including a spell with the melodic punk band ‘utoXator‘.

Hatfield has now decided to go solo and has released the song “This is Never Ending”. It chronicles the battles a paranoid mind can face. As someone who suffers from depression, he wanted to create something to highlight the issue and to help support others.

He encourages people to talk about mental health issues and to support each other. He is very vocal about it, especially on his social media accounts. His own clothing range ‘In Music We Trust‘ gives 50% of its profits to the ‘Mind’ charity who help people whose lives are affected by it.

“This is Never Ending” takes no prisoners from the get-go with its thunderous riffs and pounding drums. The tempo switches as Hatfield delivers the lines, “Did you ever give a damn about the songs on the radio / The ones we sang together / We’ve heard them all a thousand times / You would tell me mine were better”.

When the chorus arrives, it hits hard with its relentless rock energy. Not only that but Hatfield’s vocals pack a punch too, especially with the lyrics he delivers. You have to admire how he has moulded this emotion into words. The lines “This is never ending, we are both descending to the floor / Crippled and depending on each other / Fending through our own personal war / Did you ever give up time for all the wasted hours” say so much.

On the surface, this may be another rock song, but it is so much more. Its content is honest and thought-provoking. It is there to support others. This is expressed further with its hidden message layered underneath the main lyrics towards the end. The final line says it all, “Don’t bring yourself down when you feel that way”.

‘This is Never Ending’ is a power message of support by Aiden Hatfield

“This is Never Ending” is taken from Hatfield’s upcoming EP. He has described this collection of songs as “events in my life, how I deal with things. How I don’t deal with things, how I rely on music and how I struggle”. Going off the calibre of his writing so far, we can expect something filled with honest emotions that will be essential listening.

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