Mark Mathews Puts the Fizz in Folk with Upcoming EP

Mark Mathews

The recipe for success has long been an elusive formula to dreamers and doers alike. Abstract by nature and open to interpretation, there is frequent debate surrounding the vast and varying means to go about achieving one’s goals. Though a tangible guide to greatness has yet to be composed, perhaps the one key ingredient that can be universally agreed upon is a foundation of hard work and dedication. Picking up his guitar and putting these qualities to use, Mark Mathews stands out as a story of success in the quest for musical notoriety. Currently described as “arguably the hardest working solo artist in the UK right now”, Mathews is living up to this lofty title in preparation for his upcoming EP “Fizzy Beasts”.

Embracing Unexpected Inspiration

Set to release on April 5th, “Fizzy Beasts” is a prime example of the great things that can emerge from chance—and a little spring cleaning! Starting out with the intent to organize his London flat, Mathews chose to sell an old acoustic guitar he had acquired on a North American tour in 2017. Fatefully picking it up to play one last time, Mathews soon found himself with an emerging melody and the sparks of inspiration. Deciding to keep the guitar for a little longer, he set out to create a new and simplistically acoustic EP. Through a process of collaboration with friends and fellow musicians, Mathews began to add other instruments and electric flares resulting in a characteristically indie folk-pop sound.

In addition to the gentle acoustic twang featured in each of the six songs, listeners are also presented with uniting lyrical themes in the form of Mathews’ soothing vocals. Titles such as “Not Falling” and “In A Perfect World” hint at a sense of idealism and perseverance which gives “Fizzy Beasts” a mellow yet effervescent flavor that is undeniably uplifting. Continuing upon the journey to seek a greater good, the EP’s spring release date seems to highlight the concept of light triumphing over darkness in the season of rebirth. If you can’t wait until April 5th to get a taste of Mathews’ tranquil tunes, his previous releases will surely appease your anticipation throughout the wait. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that “Fizzy Beasts” will encourage Mathews to hold onto his guitar so it may continue to ignite inspiration well into the future.

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