Gitta de Ridder and Martha Bean offer lullabies with ‘Songs to Dream By’

Gitta de Ridder Martha Bean

Gitta de Ridder and Martha Bean have been working on a project to combine their musical talents. We first experienced this on de Ridder’s track “Song a Song, Singalong”. Bean provided additional vocals and her skills on the bass. Their collaborative EP Song to Dream By is described as “packed with love, warmth and introspection. A Mary Poppins & Joni Mitchell hybrid. Providing a musical antidote to any soul-ailments with a spoon full of song. Songs to soothe, embrace and warm the heart”.

Its opening track, “Blanket of Stars”, highlights the lullaby-style gentle tone this collection of songs has to offer. Beginning with a soothing guitar before De Ridder joins in, “It’s past midnight, the sound of rain keeps me awake / And I get lost in melodies, they’re all I need”. Her delicate vocals match the mood of its soundtrack. They effortlessly flow in a mesmerising manner. It is beautiful from start to finish. It excels when the chorus arrives, “Blanket of stars to soothe me / Let me walk on your steps to the heights of my dreams / A blanket of stars to see me / Where I’m naked and tremble in the depths of my seas”. 

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“Baby Darling Blue” might seem familiar to those who have heard Gitta de Ridder’s flawless album To Our Children. However, this version is more simplistic with its soundtrack. The more noticeable change is how these two songstresses harmonise their voices to stunning effect. “Cocoon” sees Bean take the spotlight to let her vocal talents shine. Yet again, a gentle finger-picking technique on the acoustic guitar creates a mellow tone. Her opening words, “It’s been a long day, love / Your eyes have seen enough”, to flow without urgency. A trait used to deliver the hook, “As the crickets sing / We know it’s time to follow the slumber song’s melody / Cocooned in warm”. 

It’s the beautiful music and vocals by Gitta de Ridder and Martha Bean that makes ‘Song to Dream By’ such a wonderful listening experience

Closing out this short but sweet EP is “Lie With Me”. The lyrics work their magic yet again as they paint various scenes. Like the soundtrack, they may seem simple but say so much. It is clear to hear from the opening verse, “Like a child in the dark / I stay up late / Like a radio-wave / A sirens parade”. They are all shared with mesmerising vocals that help bring the lyrics to life. Another beautiful moment to help wrap up a sublime release.

Song to Dream By is a delightful EP filled with gorgeous vocals, and lyrics all accompanied by a stunning soundtrack. As a bonus, there is an instrumental version of the release for your listening pleasure. If you need more from these talented ladies, check out First Light EP (by Martha Bean) and To Our Children (by Gitta de Ridder). As for the future, they both love what they do and guarantee there will be new music in the pipeline!

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