With the pop music scene so crowded and artist that seeks success must develop their own signature sound to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.  Sometimes it is even more than the music that needs to stand out.  Personality and personal style can bring an artist to a higher level as well.  Our latest discovery Aixelie seems to have all of this going for her.


The singer-songwriter from the UK has used her uniqueness to create her own personal style of music and image.  Aixelie is a rare talent with additional skills as a beatmaker, producer, model, actress, and DJ.  All of this rolled together creates a new kind of artist.  Her music draws influence from electronica, house, pop, R&B, EDM, and even scat jazz.  When you throw in her distinctive voice something totally different is created.

Her last single “Coconut Water” gained Aixelie a strong fan base and over 1 million Youtube views of the music video.  Building on that momentum the newest release “Make Up Tonight” has recently hit the airwaves.  The song features all of Aixelie’s talents with a catchy and exotic beat that captures attention throughout the dancey track.  It will bounce around your mind for a while after the song is over.  Enjoy the video below:

Keep up with this rising pop star at : http://www.aixelie.com/

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