Meet Rising Pop Singer Aja Warren

Aja Warren

Meet Aja Warren, a multitalented actress, singer, model, photographer, producer, and honestly, I don’t know what she can’t do.

The singer is getting ready to release the first single, “Show Me The Magic,” from her upcoming EP due out on February 13. The massive pop track is only the beginning of what’s to come off Warren’s EP Infinite Stranger due out early this spring.


Did you tune into the Grammys? Was there an artist you were rooting for that didn’t win? Were there any surprises to you? Favorite performance?


Absolutely! Of all the nominees, I was rooting most for Laura Marling’s “Semper Femina” in the Folk album category. I was sorry to hear she didn’t win, that was a gorgeous album.


I was very excited to hear that “Three Revolutions” — Arturo O’Farrill, composer (Arturo O’Farrill & Chucho Valdés) won for Best Instrumental Composition, as that album was executive produced in part by my dear friend Jim Allen, who also was an executive producer on this album of mine Infinite Stranger. I was able to drop in on a couple of the sessions for that album and it was such an incredible experience to see these Latin Jazz legends working with their children on an album that honored their fathers. Talk about legacy.


Overall, I was thrilled that Bruno Mars cleaned up the show. He’s such a powerful entertainer, and I love his references to Motown and timeless rock n’ roll legends.


Like many others, I would really love to see the Rock and Alternative categories televised.


The most powerful moment of the show for me was watching Kesha’s performance of “Praying.” Tears were streaming down my face. It was such an inspiring moment of triumph and perseverance for women in the creative (as well as every other) industry.


Who have been some of your favorite artists in the last year? Any stand out tracks or albums that you truly loved in 2017?


I’m still listening to Michael Kiwanuka’s album “Love & Hate” from 2016, as well Leon Bridges “Coming Home.” When I find albums I love I end up living intimately with them for a couple years at least.


For 2017, it’s Laura Marling’s “Semper Femina” for sure, The National’s “Sleep Well Beast,” Fleet Foxes “Crack-Up,” and I’m a huge James Vincent McMorrow fan, who’s released “True Care” in 2017.


“Show Me The Magic” has this huge, deep pop sound, how did this come about?


I really wanted deep mysterious drama and something that would stay with you. “Show Me The Magic” is just such a theme I live with personally, I wanted it to have a soundtrack-to-my-life quality. Strings are always so powerful for me when I’m listening to a song.


One powerful musical moment for me growing up was having the opportunity to see Diana Krall at Radio City Music hall with a full orchestra. To have a beautiful siren-like voice supported and lifted to the heavens with the power of a full orchestra was such a memorable and important experience for me. Adding in the mystery and sensuality of a Bond film really rounded it out and made it complete for me.


Did you have any inspiration artists/tracks when writing the track?


Damien Rice, Adele, Florence and the Machine, Shirley Bassey.


It honestly reminds me of something that belongs alongside the tracks that have come off the 50 Shades of Gray soundtracks, something along the “Love Me Like You Do” crossed with the Liam Payne Rita Ora collab that came out recently. Could you picture your music in a movie? If you had to pick one, which would it be?


Thank you! Yes, I picture my music in films every day of my life! Long before they’re written and constantly after they’re birthed. I love cinema, and the power of music has to add deep emotion to a scene or a film. The way that “Blower’s Daughter” created an emotional palate for the film Closer. Or, obviously, how important the Bond soundtracks are to creating that mystery and intrigue for the franchise. I see visuals before I ever write the songs.


Can we expect a similar sound from your upcoming EP?


Absolutely. 100%.


We’re barely into 2018, do you have anything exciting coming up after Infinite Stranger drops?


I’m doing several shows in the LA area to promote the album and potentially traveling a bit with these songs. For the next couple of months, I’ll be working on the videos for the singles “Show Me The Magic” and “Infinite Stranger.” And in April I’m on set here in LA acting in an independent film that should be making the festival circuits.


Besides your music, are you currently working on any other projects?


Yes! I’m writing/creating a half-hour sitcom that I hope to get some traction with this year, as well as a couple other television projects I’ve been developing as a producer. And I plan to get back into the studio to work on the next album!


Be sure to follow Aja Warren and get ready for Infinite Stranger, and don’t forget to check back in with Indie Band Guru next week for a preview and review of “Show Me the Magic”.

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