VOWWS Invokes Chills with New Single ‘Esseff’


There is a certain thrill that comes with fear. If you’re a fan of haunted houses, horror movies, or Halloween, you are going to want to listen to “Esseff,” the new single from the alluring VOWWS. The band claimed that they wanted to make a song that “made you feel like you were being chased by something scary but enticing,” and the single does the job well.


“Esseff” was released from VOWWS’ upcoming album, Under the World, to be released on March 2 on the band’s label, Anti-Language Records. The new album is more finely-tuned than their 2015 debut, The Great Sun, and delivers a direct performance without compromising style. Under the World is layered with dark tones, pop-style hooks, and a cinematic feeling, encapsulating the listener right into VOWWS’ elusive yet gripping style. They resemble post-punk and industrial music, but steer clear of these genres with their more pop-based vocals and clean sound. VOWWS fuses too many genres to be compared, and should be listened to in order to feel the full effect of their music.


Kevin S. McMahon helped record the album in his New York studio, and serves as a friend and mentor for the duo behind VOWWS, although, VOWWS played a much bigger part in the production of Under the World than they did for The Great Sun. In their 2018 album and projects after, we can expect to see VOWWS’ sense of identity growing with each step. VOWWS will begin touring the United States and Canada in March of 2018. Don’t miss an opportunity to see such an ominous duo live.

VOWWS Releases Intense Visualizer with Single

VOWWS not only released their single “Esseff,” but to emphasize their dark side, the duo also released a “visualizer” — a sort of music video to accompany the already haunting song. The visualizer begins with a woman lying underwater in bath water, the chilling intro guitar riffing; when the rest of the instruments drop in, the woman screams in a flurry of bubbles. The screen freezes, locked on her mid-yell under the surface of the bath. Viewers have to stare at the woman’s face for the rest of the video. “Esseff” was already eerie, but with the visualizer, the song becomes slightly disturbing…in the best way possible.


The song, paired with the video, brings a twist of intensity to the feeling behind the song. “Esseff” showcases some of VOWWS’ best work yet — it is haunting, seducing, and imaginative. VOWWS is a duo that promises a unique career and a hard-hitting album full of surprises. Be sure to keep them on your radar.

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