Meet Corina Corina’s Funky Single ‘BAR$’

Corina Corina

Editor’s note: For this review of Corina Corina’s latest single, we decided to change things up a little bit — In one place, you’ll get the unique take of not one but two reviewers.


By Starr Brown

Funky, fresh and completely herself, Corina Corina just released her single “BAR$.” The Oakland bred but Brooklyn-based singer is gearing up for her third full-length album, Hangover Music, that’s due out later this year.


Mixing elements for R&B, alternative soul, and pop, Corina brings something fresh and new to music. “BAR$” brings the best parts of those three genres together, an aesthetic that echoes across Hangover Music, which follows Corina Corina’s lifelong relationship with alcohol, mixed with themes of empowerment, loneliness, regret, and love.

Corina Corina Combines Funky Bass Lines with Catchy Pop Lyrics

With its funky bass line, “BAR$” entrances you straight away. This bass line follows the entire track. It’s simple, only a few notes — however, rhythmically, you can’t help but move to it. The way it will drop out and let other parts shine for a second, or be the only thing you hear, absolutely makes the track.


Corina’s vocals simultaneously dominate, add to, and also make the track. She’s got the right amount of attitude that drags you along with her. You feel like you’re at this bar being told about this snippet of her life while she’s working. In the chorus, as she sings out “don’t worry I’m fine, I’m fine,” that just glides over the bass line and drum track, adding to what was already on the track.

“BAR$” adopts an empowered viewpoint. In her previous releases, Corina was the protagonist but not a victim. However, now she know’s exactly what she’s doing. You can hear this through the lyrics, snippets like “watching all you wine and dine” and the refrain “don’t worry I’m fine, I’m fine.” Corina Corina is also a hustler who knows how to play the game. Ever single dollar she put into Hangover Music came from bar money. Though she’s had a love/hate relationship with her day job for years, she’s a seasoned veteran of the nightlife industry.


By Kayla Charmichael

Among the current dance hits with no purpose other than dancing, “BAR$”, new single from Corina Corina, stands out above the mix.

Dance the night away with Corina Corina

“BAR$” from face value gives that impression that it’s more intentional. The disco dance number is full of luscious soul. Corina Corina used her personal experiences as a mixologist to serve as the concept for the single and upcoming album. Doused in the nightlife, “BAR$” serves as a recollection of her relationship, draped in R&B flavor.


The alternative nods in the track are dropped in carefully, not to be overpowered by the other genre flowing elements. The capture of these influences come together in a result that’s pure fun and multi-layered. No one can stand still when this jam is played.

The drive behind making things work

Corina Corina sings over the beat of the track about making ends meet. Having a side hustle to afford a dream and a place is a struggle we all face, so the concept of the lyricism isn’t foreign. Cleverly delivered in the singer-songwriter’s confident, swirly voice, it offers a gentle nod to the soft notions of R&B. Voices like Corina’s are meant to give edge to disco gold.


Hangover Vibes is the name of the record. A concept work of about the hustle and the grind. Thus, “BAR$” fits right in. The spearhead of empowerment and drive, it sets the tone for the future album. The songs represent being a pure protagonist in your own life, and this single echoes letting go just enough to see what’s important. The throwback, classic tone from the Brooklyn-based artist gives a punch to the record. Successfully blurring the lines between dance and storytelling is what Corina Corina seems to do effortlessly. In a blink, you’ll find yourself entranced in a spell of what Corina sees at the bars.