Aja Warren Creates Pop Heaven with ‘Show Me The Magic’

Aja Warren

Rising pop singer Aja Warren is gearing up for her next release, Infinite Stranger, with the massive pop track “Show Me The Magic.” If you’ve been a fan of huge synth-based tracks, this track is perfect for you.

Combining Soundtrack Qualities and Drama, Aja Warren Finds Harmony in ‘Show Me The Magic’

Sounding like it should be in the opening credits to a movie, Warren creates massive drama with a string instrumental opening. A violin melody soars over the top just before Warren’s vocals and a thudding bass line that echoes through the entire track. The string line draws in and out over the duration of the track, adding just the right amount of cinematic drama across the entire track without it becoming too much at any point.


“I wanted it to have a soundtrack-to-my-life quality,” Warren said in an interview. “I really wanted deep mysterious drama and something that would stay with you.”


For the pop enthusiasts who loved “Love Me Like You Do” or the entire Bond soundtracks, “Show Me The Magic” will remind you of everything that makes those tracks stand out. With a huge chorus that you can sing along to with all your friends and a memorable vocal performance from Warren herself, you’ll find yourself replaying the track over and over again.


Describing a few of her influences for “Show Me The Magic” as Adele and Florence and the Machine, you can hear the qualities of both singers. Warren emulates Adele’s huge vocals matched with Florence and the Machine’s production style and nack for catchy tracks.

After Infinite Stranger drops later this spring, Warren plans on several performances around Los Angles to promote the EP and will be working on an independent film. Between her music and acting career, she’s been working on a half-hour sitcom and growing as a producer.


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