Becoming a successful artist nowadays requires much more than just some raw talent.  Even being an expert in one area will not get you to the place you need to be.  To get to the next level in your career you must combine a bunch of separate talents to create a persona that can handle the different aspects of a star.  Our latest find Aki Starr has his feet planted in many aspects of the music business.

The San Francisco, California native is at first a singer/songwriter with immense talent trained by vocal coach Seth Riggs but adds acting, modeling, dancing, and even producing to his repertoire.  His music has seen some success being featured on TV shows such as Malcolm In The Middle, Desperate Housewives and Knock First.  One can definitely see the influence of the multi-talented Michael Jackson when looking at Aki Starr.  The showmanship stands out and is mesmerizing to his fans.

The latest release by Aki Starr is the larger than life “Illusion”.  The big time dance track is ready to hit the clubs and airwaves with seismic force.  The accompanying music video is a testament to the epicness of his rising fame.  Enjoy the video below:

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