Living in New York City all my life I often take for granted the draw that it has for musicians all over the world.  The opportunities here to perform and build an audience trump most places I have come across.  Even with the competition of thousands of artists if you find a niche the crowds will find you and embrace your music.  That NYC draw helped bring together our latest discovery Eric & Aileen.

Eric & Aileen

Aileen McCallum is a classically trained pianist originally from Portland, Oregon.  Eric Elven is a singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington.  Although they were only a state apart on the west coast it took both of them moving to New York for fate to step in and have them meet in the spring of 2009.  The blend of Aileen’s masters degree in piano and collaborative performance mixed with Eric’s experiences of leading bands for a long while combine to create a fresh and original musical style.  Their sound is heavy in Folk and Jazz with a close intimate feel meant for a cozy dark venue.  It sort of wraps around your soul with no sign of letting up.

Last month the duo released their debut EP From This Blank Page.  The 6 song record shows the group in their own original space.  The opener “Borders” with its pretty piano start and the vocals that seem to come from a dark place will set the relaxed tone right off the bat.  On “I’ve Got Good Friends” a bouncy bass beat drives the song forward as sounds seem to come in from every angle to contrast the deep monotone lyrics.  Eric & Aileen tackle the Stevie Wonder classic “Superstition” with their very own unique take.  The slowed down beat can’t hide the funkiness of the song.  From start to the finishing touch of “Feuillet D’Album” this is a beautiful record that will make any listener appreciate a musician who has mastered their instrument.  Get sucked in for yourself at:


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