When looking through solo artists one normally finds tons of folk music or singer-songwriters.  A soloist does not always have to stick to an acoustic guitar and a coffee shop.  When a musician is free enough to attempt to “rock out’ by himself it can define him as something different and set him apart from the rest.  One such artist that we came across is Al Lojack.

The Miami, Florida native also known as Mr. Feel Good, has made a name for himself with creative guitar riffs, feel good lyrics, and musical themes most listeners can identify with.  He grew up with a ‘good life’ so his inspiration comes from within.  To him music is fantasy.  He has always been amazed by the guitar and was heavily influenced by Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, and the Allman Brothers.

Al Lojack is doing it all on his own through his own record label releasing single after single instead of a complete album.  This has been keeping him fresh in the minds of his fans.  With tracks like ‘T.O.D.D.’ he shows off his songwriting skills and his guitar and programming ability.  These are complete songs with a full sonic backbone.  On ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ Lojack opens with impressive drumming that leads into a speedy pop rock song reminiscent of the indie grunge days of the early 90’s.  He is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve either with tracks like ‘You Don’t Have To Go’.  It is a mellower song that still sounds exciting as he powers through some impressive guitar work.  As I go through the rest of Al Lojack’s songs I can see how his songwriting has progressed and the positive direction that it is going in.  I look forward to seeing more output from Miami Beach.

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