In the never ending search for different and amazing music we are often led out of North America to foreign countries that are not very well known for their musical output.  There are some extremely talented people in all aspects of the music business in these countries.  Today we entered the Czech Republic and came across one such person in the form of Boris Carloff.

The name may have a scary connotation but this Boris Carloff is feared for a different reason.  He is a producer, composer, engineer and musician that is starting to make quite a name for himself in his native country and beyond.  A few years ago he became a legend behind the scenes when he produced the song ‘Atentat’ for the band Krystof.  That track went on to become the most played radio hit of 2008 and won a Czech Grammy for Song Of the Year.

Now Boris is attacking the other side of the microphone with his own album The Escapist.   It took over 4 years to put it all together but he had help from some good friends such as Mr. Ghetto Priest (Asian Dub Foundation, Massive Attack), and Doug Yowell (Susanne Vega, Lana Del Rey).  The album was recorded in Prague, New York and London.  His style is tough to pinpoint but is heavy in electronica with flavors of jazz, and guitar rock.  The first track released is the innovative ‘Falling’.  It has an industrial feel to it that is interrupted with Carloff’s sultry voice that reaches out to the listener.  The song grabs you and won’t let go.  There is an amazing video attached to the song as well.  Enjoy it here:


Expand your musical horizons with Boris Carloff at:

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