Hard Rock is a style of music you can find on all corners of the globe.  Anywhere there is angst and aggression you will find groups of men in small practice rooms bashing their instruments and heads to release this power into music.  Music can become a savior for these individuals and what they create can help others vent their own frustrations.  Far away from my NYC home I discovered the hard rock band The 13th Floor.

The band is currently based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  That may be far in miles from me but the music can relate like they are playing in the venue down the block.  The 13th Floor is a hard rock band with an edge which was founded by guitarist and songwriter, Jonathan Kelly in late 2009 and consists of Richard La Grange – vocals / Jonathan Kelly – Guitars / Steve Schultz – Bass / and Kristo Zondagh – Drums.  These musicians come together extremely well as each one of them is very skilled on their instruments.  Kristo’s drum kit is especially impressive with 14 different cymbals that he uses.

The guys from The 13th Floor have been working hard in the studio and are getting set to release their new album Forsaken in the next couple months.  A snippet for the video of the lead single ‘Forsaken’ has appeared on their website and across social media creating a buzz.  See it here:


Indie Band Guru was able to get a sneak listen of the new album.  With song titles such as Suffer, Believe, and My Destiny I had an idea what I was in for.  It is powerful hard rock with vocals that tell a story.  With all the energy on the recording I would imagine a live show would be truly impressive.  We look forward to making that happen when The 13th Floor make their way to America.

For more info and music check out:


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