The music video medium may not be on MTV much anymore but there is still a need for high quality videos to help promote your music.  Youtube has become a huge music discovery tool especially for teenagers today.  An artist that we had brought to your attention before is back with her debut music video.  Let us refresh your mind about Al-x.

The exotic pop star in the making brings in elements of many different styles to create her own personal sound that is sultry and draws in any listener in a trance like way.  Now with the video for “On The Dark Side” she brings you more into her visual world with a video tha has the professionalism of an experienced starlet.  Please enjoy it here:

“Will you go into the darkness? Pop artist Al-x brings her electro-dreamy-pop song to life with a video that has at its heart the biggest war of all – the war within oneself. A tbsp of electronica, a couple dashes of Madonna, a sprinkling of good old-fashioned dancing. The artist, who’s a hybrid of singer-songwriter & electropop styles, is excited to be releasing this unique music video.”


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