There are many stories out there of youngsters saved by music.  It has almost become cliche.  Music is a great power and something to focus on but there is always something more than that needed.  Our latest find Testify found his calling through both music and his God.


The man also known as Michael Anthony Warren, or even Mik3y Savag3, was born in Alabama and enjoyed a solid home life with both parents.  Unfortunately as he got older he fell to the draw of his internal anger.  It caused him many troubles but fortunately the power of music and the Prattville Marching Band drew him to something that he was good at and success pushed his anger to the side.  Through the music he was re-introduced to the Church and found support he needed to pursue his music dreams in a positive way by relating his music to his ever growing faith.

The road was long but Testify has now released the album Pray Until Something Happens.  The 9 track record shows how your faith can be brought to popular music to create something powerful.  The opener “P.U.S.H.” is a pretty piano and spoken word piece introducing prayer and Testify himself.  He lays it all out on the table.  There is a strong beat to “#thePower” which draws in the listener into the story of Michael’s life.  He holds nothing back and therefore becomes very relatable to his audience.  The track I enjoyed most was “Attitude Adjustment”.  The lyrics show how everyone can change and feature the talents of Red Dawg.  The sounds come at you from everywhere keeping the song very interesting.  Testify continues throughout sharing a real message through his music.  Enter his world at:

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