One of the sincerest forms of flattery is covering music that has already been written and has inspired you. These songs do not have to be the classic rock songs that we grew up listening to over and over, it can be anything that has made the an influence to help in your desire to create music. We recently discovered a very interesting album from Albedo.


Doug Clyde is the man behind the new age music artist known as Albedo. He began his fascination with music at an early age fiddling with an old Casio keyboard and learning clarinet at the age of nine. He has become an arranger, orchestrator, singer, actor and instrumentalist performing in numerous local productions and releasing 9 albums on his own over the years.

The latest offering by Albedo is the album Magitek released late last year. The 12 track record is a tribute album of sorts to the well-known video game Final Fantasy VI. Albedo puts a new age spin on the songs all to familiar to the gamers that have put in numerous hours on the addictive game. The songs range from the high energy of “Battle Theme” and “Techno De Chocoba” to the mellow and spacey sounds of “Terra”. “Spinach Rag” adds a sound of classic player piano from the old west to the eclectic mix. The perfect closer for the album is the orchestral “Dancing Mad”. It has a little of everything to showcase the abilities of this innovative artist. To hear more of Albedo’s work check out:

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