The alternative rock and grunge music booms of the early 1990s have had an everlasting effect on the music of today.  Many bands claim these bands as heavy influences in their sound.  It is not only the sound of the bands but also the simple ‘get out there and make music no matter what it sounds like’ attitude of the time.  Our latest find The Hubs are definitely a piece out of that golden age.


The 4 piece alternative rock band hails from Bakersfield, California.  The Hubs are a group of guys that have the attitude that music is meant to be fun and they create songs to showcase just that.  There is an obvious good time happening in the studio when they are writing and recording.  The band takes the influences of an assortment of bands from the time such as Weezer and Pavement.

Recently The Hubs released their debut EP Welcome To Beyond.  The 7 track record is a testament to a band getting out there and having a good time.  The opener “Rocketship” sets the tone immediately that these guys know how to use their instruments.  The guitar and drums in particular jump out as skilled players.  There is a big Weezer presence on “Plastic Heart”.  The self-defeating vocals become very relatable and therefore memorable.  A blues feel is felt on “Rut” with its stretched out guitars and vocal styling.  There is something for every lover of music on this album even a bonus cover track of Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”.  Go get yourself into The Hubs at:

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