Albert Cummings Wants You To Be “True to Yourself”

Albert Cummings

Albert Cummings a legend in his own right.  He has played with legendary guitarists B.B.King and Buddy Guy as well as Johnny Winter. A singer and songwriter originally from Massachusetts he has that deep Americana vibe in his vocals with a soulful smooth feel of the blues and a heart of rock. Being such a talented musician and fantastic performance artist it’s hard not to get lost in the cathartic state of blues laden bliss.


Every fantastic musician must have the support of other talented musicians to make an album spectacular. Tommy Shannon on Bass and an excellent drummer by the name of  Chris Layton, of the band Double Trouble, who was previously on the Late Stevie Ray Vaughn’s rhythm section.


Originally signed with Blind Pig Records to a multi-album deal, Albert Cummings is no stranger to success. His debut album “True to Yourself” released in 2004 recorded by the legendary producer Jim Gaines who also produced such talented artists as Santana, Stevie Ray, and Buddy Guy. Then his second album “Working Man” which was released in 2006 continued to grow his success.


Then in 2012 his CD “No Regrets” was released and debuted on iTunes at #1 on the charts in the USA, Canada, and France.    Albert Cummings newest album “Live at the 62 Center” will be released December 5th on CD/ DVD/ Blu-ray is definitely worth checking out if you want to experience that rich blues and Americana vibe.


The album “Live at the 62 Center” really exemplifies what it means to be a great blues musician. The transitions between songs are flawless. The song” Lonely Bed” The sound is clear and mixes the smooth twanging of deep blues with rich melodic tones of electric medal string guitar in harmony with rich rhythmic drum beats the combination which defines the rich blues harmony.


“No Doubt” a bit faster paced like a bit of Jimmy Hendrix influence on guitar. “Found you” is definitely more Americana with some blues transitions and some rock. “Sweet Love” of Albert Cummings album “Live at 62 Center” It’s definitely more blues than Americana, but the richness of the sound is such you just want to sit back relax and take it all in. “Finally in Love” is more Americana with some blues transitions.


“Cry me a River” Starts off with blues the had a soft rock transition then circled back to the blues. “500 Miles” the lead in is rock with some background blues guitar. “Moving On” leads with Blues then goes into Americana with some classic blues organ in the background. The album ends with “Hurts Me Too” the final song ends with the blues wrapping up a truly amazing album.

Albert Cummings Makes The Blues Come Alive

What is there not to love about this album. The transitions are flawless the sound is rich and finding such a gem of a great blues guitarist is rare these days. He takes the rich blues sound in combination with that absolutely fabulous Americana feel and makes it his own. You can really hear how much care he puts in his sound and lyrics really Albert Cummings is truly unforgettable. With the richness of his sound, you can really feel his music come alive.


If you love rich great blues guitar the sound that Albert Cummings produces is just hard to match in both quality and tone. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is a fan of great blues guitar and Americana sound. If you would like to find out more about this amazing musician Albert Cummings you can find his new album “Live at the 62 Center” on iTunes and at

Find his music on AMAZON too.

   -review by Aura Stiers