Alex McCue turns back time with soulful “Shape of Years”

Alex McCue

Multi-faceted musician Alex McCue is looking to help propel the return of blissful soul music to the mainstream — and he’s already on his way. With his single “Shape of Years,” McCue takes a steamy love song and makes it even more seductive, adding luscious vocal layers, a mind-bending saxophone via Jonte Samuel, irresistibly thought-provoking lyrics and the desire for a million minutes more. Luckily enough, there’s an accompanying video with the track, too.

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The video opens with a wide shot of a lakeside upon sunset, the yellow beams lightly reflecting off the soft green trees molding the perfect scene for a first date. Gentle guitar strings begin rumbling while Samuel, in all his serenading glory, lights it up on his saxophone over McCue’s subtle humming. McCue breaks the fourth wall, as if the viewer is the one he can’t seem to get off his mind, while images of a woman in the water flash intermittently.

Staccato keys dot the atmosphere while McCue ponders the idea of whether or not pursuing love is worth it since their fate isn’t set, and nothing’s certain. This makes the alluring music all the more fascinating, almost like McCue wants his words to be ignored and his heart to be followed instead. The blues of the video become more intense and prominent as it continues, playing into the idea that he’s melancholy thinking of a life without this person in it. Full shots of this mystery woman float in and out as the music dissipates, with questions as to where their relationship goes from here left unanswered. Though the sound waves fade into nothingness, one thing remains: listeners’ thoughts of where has stunning music like this been all their lives.

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